Light ON is currently offering Community Wellness Days as well as an ongoing Bi-Monthy group for the community. We plan to offer overnight retreats as well. Please be in touch with us about participation in our programs.

Community Wellness Days

Wellness DaysOne day opportunities to learn new healing tools for the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and to connect with other local women and resources in a way that engenders feelings of strength and self worth. Women who attend these programs report a sense of high self esteem when identifying themselves in the community as having participated in these Wellness Days. When doing so they know that they are defining themselves as empowered survivors and sources of support for each other.

3 Night, 4 Day Retreats

Retreats4 day retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii that include sistership with other survivors of trauma, empowering ocean experiences, yoga, art expression, nutritious meals and all in a manner of laughter and fun. These retreats are designed to provide an ending to the sense of isolation that can result from traumatic experiences and a beginning to the experience of empowerment and community.